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The iPhone 15 may not include the anticipated color-coordinated cable

Towards the end of August, a leaked image surfaced featuring Apple-produced USB-C cables. These cables, woven with a braided design, showcased a palette of five distinct colors, seemingly aligned with the expected color options for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus. Naturally, many of us assumed that these stylish cables would be bundled accessories accompanying the purchase of an iPhone 15. You can view the leaked image below for reference.

Regrettably, it appears that our initial assumption may not hold true. According to a tech informant known as Majin Bu on X, previously recognized as Twitter, these 1.5-meter braided cables in various colors are intended for upcoming MacBook models.

This revelation aligns with logic, considering that iPhone charging cables have traditionally measured 1 meter in length. Therefore, a 1.5-meter cable would signify a substantial departure from the norm. Nevertheless, it is disheartening to contemplate the possibility that this rumor may not materialize.

Majin Bu conveyed that, per their undisclosed source, the iPhone 15 series will indeed include a braided cable, albeit one meter in length and of a white hue.

Intriguingly, Majin Bu also shared an additional image of braided cables that bear a resemblance to what could be color-matched cables for the iPhone 15. Please refer to the image below:

Majin Bu has indicated uncertainty regarding the origin of these cables. Commenters in the discussion speculate that they resemble accessories accompanying Mac products. However, they also exhibit similarities to the cables typically found within iPhone packaging. At this juncture, the true nature of these cables remains enigmatic.

Consequently, if you were eagerly anticipating the inclusion of a color-coordinated cable with your iPhone 15, it may be advisable to moderate your expectations. We will obtain concrete clarity on this matter during the “Wonderlust” event scheduled for tomorrow!



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