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Fortnite OG: How to Unlock Season OG Super Styles

"Unlocking Brilliance: Mastering Fortnite Season OG Super Styles and Bonus Rewards!"

Fortnite Season OG comes with a shorter duration, meaning players don’t need to reach level 100 to unlock all OG Pass rewards. To complete the OG Pass and acquire the Omegarok skin, players must reach level 50. Additionally, there are Bonus Rewards pages that players can unlock by continuously increasing their season level.

The recently revealed OG Pass Bonus Styles are exclusive and not automatically available to all OG Pass owners. This guide provides players with essential information about Season OG’s Super Styles, detailing their appearance and how to obtain them.

How to Unlock OG Pass Bonus Rewards:

Every Battle Pass features a Bonus Rewards section that includes more challenging-to-unlock rewards. Players can start unlocking Bonus Rewards only after completing the Season OG Pass. These Bonus Rewards serve as an incentive for players to continue increasing their account level even after obtaining all standard Battle Pass rewards.

The Season OG Bonus Rewards tab consists of two pages. The first page includes additional V-Bucks, emotes, and alternative styles, while the second page features three Super Styles. Here is a list of every unlockable reward included in the OG Pass:

  1. ‘Split’ emote
  2. 100 V-Bucks
  3. Dark Storm alternative style for the Renegade Rustcat back bling
  4. Just Desserts’ wrap
  5. 100 V-Bucks
  6. Scratmark Shredded harvesting tool
  7. Magmatic alternative style for the Renegade Lynx skin
  8. Time Breaker alternative style for the Lil Split skin
  9. Time Breaker alternative style for the Renegade Lynx skin
  10. Time Breaker alternative style for the Omegarok skin

All OG Pass Bonus Styles:

While the Spectra Knight skin remains highly versatile with numerous customization options, colors, and patterns, it does not have a Bonus Style. However, the three other skins in the OG Pass come with golden Super Styles.

Players need to use 20 Battle Stars to unlock each Super Style, meaning all three styles can be obtained when reaching level 70 in Season OG. Notably, the Time Breaker alternative style for the Lil Split skin allows players to sport an outfit reminiscent of the rare golden Peely skin. Unlike previous Battle Pass golden variants, these characters retain some exposed skin, allowing players to see Time Breaker Renegade Lynx’s tattoos even with the gold-tinted outfit. Lastly, players can fully customize Omegarok’s lights even with the Time Breaker variant equipped.



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