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Epic Games Store Set to Launch on iOS and Android in Upcoming Months

Revolutionizing Mobile Gaming: Epic Games Store Expands to iOS and Android

Epic has officially announced the imminent arrival of its Games Store on both iOS and Android platforms later this year. This version of EGS mirrors its Windows counterpart, offering an alternative to Steam for game distribution.

According to Epic, the Games Store will maintain equitable terms for all developers, establishing itself as a genuinely multi-platform marketplace. Developers will retain 88% of their revenue, with Epic claiming only a 12% share. In contrast, Google currently imposes a 15% commission on the initial $1 million in revenue, escalating to a hefty 30% thereafter.

Moreover, Epic emphasizes that developers have the option to retain 100% of their earnings if they opt for their own payment systems for in-app transactions.

While specifics regarding the Android interface and available titles remain undisclosed, except for the inclusion of Fortnite, which is presently accessible through the Epic Games Launcher, the iOS situation is somewhat murkier.

Following Apple’s temporary suspension of Epic’s developer account, subsequently restored due to an EU mandate, the future of Epic’s Games Store on iOS appears uncertain. Nevertheless, Epic remains steadfast in its commitment to bringing the Epic Games Store experience to iOS users.



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