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HMD to Launch Nokia 3210 Feature Phone, Banking on Nostalgia Strategy?

Reviving Nostalgia: HMD's New Nokia 3210 Feature Phone

HMD Global, the company holding the Nokia brand license for mobile phones, has shifted towards a multi-brand approach for their product portfolio. Apart from the Nokia brand, HMD is also set to release phones under their own name.

However, at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) last month, HMD Global also confirmed their plans to unveil a new Nokia feature phone in May. While a pixelated image had been released earlier, a post on platform X provides a clearer glimpse of the upcoming phone.

Though not explicitly mentioned, speculation is rife that the phone in question is a sequel to the Nokia 3210. The teaser was unveiled on March 18, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Nokia 3210.

The Nokia 3210 is an iconic phone that paved the way for the success of the Nokia 3310. Features like the Snake game, customizable panels, built-in ringtone composer, and antenna-free design first debuted in the Nokia 3210 before being adopted by the Nokia 3310.

It seems HMD is once again reminiscing about the glory days of Nokia feature phones of the past. And up until now, HMD continues to release several retro products with updated versions. Meanwhile, various smartphone brands have introduced a plethora of advanced features, including the latest AI generative features in smartphones.



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