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Microsoft Office 2024 Set to Launch with Permanent Purchase Option!

Microsoft Office 2024: Your Path to Permanence and Productivity!

After much speculation, Microsoft has officially confirmed that the latest version of Office (now officially referred to as Microsoft 365) will not only be offered as a subscription but also available for permanent purchase. The release of Microsoft Office 2024 is scheduled for later this year.

Microsoft states that the LTSC version, aimed at commercial users and public authorities, can be purchased and used permanently, with five years of support. Once support ends, users will no longer receive any updates, making it more vulnerable to use.

In addition to the LTSC version, Microsoft also announces plans to release Office 2024 for home users, known as the “Home & Student” version, later this year, which will also be available for permanent purchase. Regarding pricing, they claim it will remain unchanged from the current price of Office 2021 Home & Student.

Office 2021 Home & Student is currently priced at $125 for a one-time purchase, according to our observations on the official Microsoft website. This implies that Office 2024 will likely have the same price tag upon its release later this year. Furthermore, details about its new features will be announced in due course.

It’s worth noting that Microsoft has discontinued the one-time purchase system since Office 2021. Instead, they offer a subscription-based system with Microsoft 365, which continuously receives updates and the latest features as long as the subscription remains active. Additionally, Microsoft 365 boasts more comprehensive features, including the AI Copilot feature.



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