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Is Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 Budget Version Set to Launch Mid-July?

Stay updated on the latest rumors surrounding the budget-friendly version of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6 rumored to launch in mid-July 2024, potentially redefining the foldable smartphone market.

As previously rumored, Samsung is reportedly gearing up to release a budget-friendly version of its foldable smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold6. The latest reports suggest that this foldable device could potentially debut as early as mid-July 2024.

Interestingly, this “budget” iteration is expected to come with a highly competitive price tag below US$ 800. It’s worth noting that the initial launch price of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 was set at US$ 1,800 for the global variant.

While these rumors originating from Korean media sources are yet to be confirmed, it would certainly be intriguing if Samsung indeed launches a foldable smartphone at such an affordable price point, possibly compromising on some specifications compared to its current premium counterpart.

Additional rumors indicate that the camera setup on the budget version of the Galaxy Z Fold6 may remain identical to that of the Fold5, with the same suppliers retained.

Stay tuned for further updates from Samsung’s official announcements.



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