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HMD Global Ventures into Establishing its Own HMD Smartphone Line

For the past six years, HMD Global has been a notable player in the smartphone industry, releasing devices under the Nokia brand. However, the Finnish company, which is closely associated with Nokia, is now charting an exciting new course by unveiling plans to introduce smartphones under its exclusive HMD brand.

The announcement was made by Jean-Francois Baril, the Co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of HMD Global, who shared this development on his LinkedIn profile. Baril assured consumers that both HMD and Nokia phones will continue to coexist, promising collaborations with “exciting new partners” on the horizon.

In a comprehensive post, Baril emphasized HMD Global’s remarkable growth as a 5G smartphone manufacturer, positioning itself as a leader in sustainability with its recent line of repairable Nokia devices launched over the past year.

HMD Global now stands poised to independently enter the market with a vision of creating a telecommunications landscape centered on meeting consumer needs. The company takes pride in being one of Europe’s largest smartphone manufacturers and aims to soon offer consumers worldwide a range of high-quality, affordable mobile devices. While the announcement lacks specific details and timelines, expect more information to emerge in the coming weeks.



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