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Xiaomi Unveils Sleek 10mm Thick Power Bank with 5,000mAh Capacity

Xiaomi Ultra-Thin Power Bank: Style Meets Power in a Sleek 10mm Design

In contrast to its smartphone counterparts, Xiaomi stands out not only for its innovative phones but also for its diverse line of power banks, a popular choice among consumers in its home market of China.

Today, the company introduced a new power bank that emphasizes a slim design rather than a larger battery capacity. True to Xiaomi’s reputation, the product maintains an affordable price point.

The recently launched Xiaomi Ultra-Thin Power Bank boasts a slim form factor, measuring just 10mm in thickness and weighing a mere 93g. Its compact size allows for convenient portability, fitting effortlessly into shirt pockets like a card.

Crafted with an NCVM (Non-Conductive Vacuum Metallization) coating, the power bank exhibits a metallic appearance with a noticeable shine.

Named the Xiaomi Ultra-Thin Power Bank 5,000mAh, it is competitively priced at ¥129 (~$20) and is currently available for purchase.

As indicated by its name, the power bank features a 5,000mAh battery capacity, which, while not sufficient for a full charge on most modern smartphones, is optimized for its ultra-slim design.

Equipped with a single USB Type-C port and accompanied by a USB Type-C to Type-C cable, the power bank supports a maximum output of 20W and an 18W input.

The accessory prioritizes user safety with 9 layers of protection, encompassing safeguards against temperature fluctuations, short circuits, resets, input overvoltage, input over-current, output over-current, output over-voltage, battery over-charge and over-discharge, as well as overcurrent short circuits.




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