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Samsung should take a look at what comes in the OnePlus Open box

The OnePlus Open is now officially launched, and it excels in several aspects, outperforming the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Samsung's foldable lineup in general.

The OnePlus Open is now officially launched, and it excels in several aspects, outperforming the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Samsung’s foldable lineup in general. The most significant advantage of the OnePlus Open, in my opinion, is its larger outer display compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 5. Initially, I was also impressed by the Open’s bigger battery, but subsequent reviews have shown that the increased capacity doesn’t necessarily translate to superior battery life.

In terms of other specifications, the OnePlus Open is quite impressive, especially considering its price in the Indian market. However, none of these features truly captivate me or make me think less of the Galaxy Z Fold 5. The absence of features like wireless charging and proper water resistance is particularly noticeable. Nonetheless, what does catch my attention are the contents of the OnePlus Open’s package.

Galaxy Z Fold 5 becomes more expensive when you consider accessories

Smartphone manufacturers have been emphasizing their commitment to environmental sustainability by discontinuing the inclusion of items like chargers and earphones with their phones. Samsung has adopted this approach as well, despite the company’s frequent releases of new phones with similar hardware and specifications, which raises questions about its environmental stance.

The Galaxy Z Fold 5, the most expensive Samsung smartphone on the market, ships with a minimal accessory package. The package includes only a USB-C cable, a short quick start guide that most people seldom read, and a SIM ejector PIN. Most notably, it lacks an S Pen.

Conversely, the OnePlus Open package includes a protective case and an 80W or 67W charger, depending on the market. It also includes standard items like a USB-C cable, SIM ejector, and a quick start guide. While this list of inclusions might not seem extraordinary, it reveals how the Galaxy Z Fold 5 can end up costing more than OnePlus’ foldable offering.

Unless you’re comfortable living on the edge, you’ll probably purchase a case to protect your Galaxy Z Fold 5, and premium cases can cost as much as a hundred dollars. Additionally, there’s the S Pen, which comes at an extra cost of $50-$100, depending on your location. Furthermore, if you opt for the S Pen, you’ll need to buy a case because the stylus cannot be stowed inside the Z Fold 5. These additional expenses can add up to an extra $200 on top of the phone’s initial price.

Galaxy Z Fold smartphones should at least include a stylus in the package

One might argue that the Galaxy Z Fold 5 has the advantage of supporting stylus input. However, when you’re paying $1800 for a phone, should one of its best features really be an optional purchase? And if that feature requires an additional purchase, does it hold much merit when comparing the device to another?

It’s possible that Samsung doesn’t include an S Pen with the Galaxy Z Folds because they lack a built-in slot, which would also necessitate providing a case for carrying the S Pen. Nonetheless, it’s questionable whether this justifies selling the phones in nearly empty boxes with an $1800 price tag.

Samsung’s next Galaxy Z Fold will likely draw inspiration from the OnePlus Open and other foldables, possibly featuring a proper phone-sized cover display and more advanced cameras. Hopefully, the company will also consider adopting the OnePlus Open’s approach when it comes to packaging and recognize that not every accessory needs to be a separate purchase, especially when the device itself carries a higher price compared to some competitors.



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