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Palworld Respec Guide: How to Redistribute Character Points

Empower Your Journey: Mastering Character Development in Palworld

Leveling up in Palworld presents an opportunity to enhance your character’s abilities. However, the choices you make during leveling can become limiting, especially when facing tougher challenges like capturing Legendaries. Fortunately, Palworld offers a solution for players who wish to adjust their character’s attributes through a process known as respeccing.

Respeccing in Palworld entails utilizing a special item known as Memory Wiping Medicine. However, before crafting this item, players must first construct an Electric Medicine Workbench, which becomes available at level 43 in the Technology menu. This workbench requires the following materials:

  • 40 Refined Ingots
  • 10 Circuit Boards
  • 20 Carbon Fiber

Once the Electric Medicine Workbench is ready, players can proceed to craft the Memory Wiping Medicine using the following materials:

  • 99 Beautiful Flowers
  • 50 Horns
  • 50 Bones
  • 50 Pal Fluids

It’s crucial to note that the Memory Wiping Medicine is a one-time-use item. Therefore, players should carefully consider their decision before consuming it to avoid wasting valuable resources. Additionally, attempting to use this item on a Pal will yield no effect and result in its wastage.

Unlock the potential of your character in Palworld with the ability to redistribute points through respeccing.



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