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SK Hynix Unveils Commitment to Utilize Recycled Materials

Pioneering Sustainable Solutions: SK Hynix's Commitment to Recycled Materials

SK Hynix, the South Korean semiconductor giant, has declared its commitment to actively incorporate recycled and sustainable materials into their production processes. This initiative marks SK Hynix as the first semiconductor company to take such a step, following the lead of tech giants in other industries who have embarked on similar endeavors in a bid to safeguard the planet.

This movement will be implemented gradually. As outlined in their roadmap, SK Hynix plans to increase the proportion of recycled materials in their current product lineup to 25% by 2025 and further exceed 30% by 2030. What measures will they undertake to achieve this goal?

SK Hynix’s Environmental Focus

SK Hynix will begin by targeting crucial materials in semiconductor production, such as metals like copper, tin, and gold, replacing them with recycled metal alternatives. Additionally, they intend to transition to using recycled plastic packaging to safeguard semiconductor products during shipping.

Furthermore, SK Hynix will enhance quality control procedures and evaluations for the recycled materials they procure directly from suppliers. On the flip side, they aim to incentivize their partner suppliers to join the effort, potentially through obtaining certifications from trusted external organizations like ISO 14021 to validate their use and proportion of recycled materials.

Other tech giants including Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and Amazon have also committed to achieving Net Zero Emissions. With SK Hynix, one of the world’s largest semiconductor companies, joining the fray, significant industry-wide changes are anticipated, particularly within the semiconductor sector.



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