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iPhone 15 Models Boast Slightly Larger Batteries, Exact Capacities Revealed

Apple has long been known for its practice of not disclosing the precise battery capacities of its devices in their specification sheets. Typically, enthusiasts have had to wait until the latest iPhone models are available for disassembly to determine the actual figures. However, in an interesting turn of events, recent certification by Chinese regulators has shed light on the battery upgrades in the four iPhone 15 models, revealing subtle improvements over their predecessors. Let’s delve into the details.

Detailed Battery Capacities:

  1. iPhone 15: The standard iPhone 15 model now packs a 3,349 mAh battery, a slight increase from the 3,279 mAh found in the iPhone 14.
  2. iPhone 15 Plus: The iPhone 15 Plus boasts a 4,383 mAh battery, up from the 4,325 mAh capacity of the iPhone 14 Plus.
  3. iPhone 15 Pro: Apple has equipped the iPhone 15 Pro with a 3,274 mAh battery, a modest bump from the 3,200 mAh of the iPhone 14 Pro.
  4. iPhone 15 Pro Max: The flagship iPhone 15 Pro Max takes the lead with a 4,422 mAh battery, surpassing the 4,323 mAh capacity of the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Subtle Upgrades:

It’s worth noting that these increases in battery capacity are relatively small. Any noticeable improvements in battery life are more likely to stem from advancements in more efficient chipsets and display technology, rather than these sub-100 mAh gains in battery sizes.


Apple recently unveiled the iPhone 15, iPhone 15 Plus, iPhone 15 Pro, and iPhone 15 Pro Max at a special event, and pre-orders for these devices have commenced in numerous global markets. As consumers eagerly await the arrival of these new iPhones, the slightly enhanced battery capacities offer a glimpse of potential improvements in overall device performance.




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