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Counter-Strike 2 Excludes Mac Support, macOS Players Face Issues with the Update

Valve released Counter-Strike 2 this week, a highly anticipated free upgrade for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) owners. However, Mac users encountered unexpected problems on the launch day as the update disrupted the game, and there seems to be no macOS-compatible version on the horizon.

The release of the title on Wednesday prompted a massive 26GB update for all CS:GO players, including those on Mac. Unfortunately, once the update was installed, macOS users found that the game became unplayable because Steam tried to execute a Windows-compatible file. Some users resorted to workarounds to revert the changes and regain access to CS:GO, but these solutions were less than ideal.

Valve discreetly removed the macOS icon from Steam’s Counter-Strike product page. The only mention of the absence of Mac support for Counter-Strike 2 can be found in Valve’s official FAQ. In response to a question about Mac support, Valve simply states, “No. CS2 is not available for Mac at this time,” without providing further details.

Valve’s failure to adequately inform Mac users is disappointing, especially considering that many of them have invested significant time and money into CS:GO, with thousands of hours played and hundreds of dollars spent on in-game purchases. A frustrated Mac gamer on Reddit expressed:

“Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most popular and enduring games on macOS, boasting a substantial community following. Thus, Valve’s lack of support and transparency for Mac users transitioning to Counter-Strike 2 is particularly perplexing.”

Recent updates to the CS2 macOS depot have led some users to believe that a Mac-compatible version is in development. However, it’s likely to be related to Rosetta 2 emulation rather than native support for Apple silicon. As Valve has yet to provide any official information on the matter, this remains speculative.

The long-awaited game, officially announced in March, brings updates to beloved maps and utilizes Valve’s in-house Source 2 engine, delivering improved textures, more realistic lighting, and updated geometry. We have reached out to Valve for comment on this matter and will update our readers if we receive a response.



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