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GitLab Shuts Down Nintendo Switch Emulator Page – SUYU

Unveiling the Saga of Emulator Turmoil: SUYU Emerges Amidst Nintendo's Wrath

If you’ve been keeping up with emulator developments, you’re likely aware of the ongoing battle between Nintendo and the Nintendo Switch emulator – Yuzu. Before things escalated further, Yuzu chose to settle things amicably by paying millions in damages to Nintendo and withdrawing from circulation on the internet.

In the wake of this fallout, a new emulator named SUYU emerged, proudly declaring itself as anti-piracy to avoid Nintendo’s wrath in the future. Open-source and available on platforms like GitHub and GitLab, SUYU quickly became a target.

While GitHub remained a safe haven, SUYU found itself under fire on a similar platform – GitLab, which had previously hosted it. GitLab promptly took down SUYU’s page and disabled the account responsible.

The reason? GitLab cited compliance with a DMCA Takedown request from a representative, obliging them to follow standard procedures. Interestingly, GitLab refused to disclose any information regarding the sender of the DMCA, leaving the sender’s identity, whether Nintendo or not, undisclosed.

Nintendo itself remained silent on the SUYU case, which still stands online on GitHub. SUYU has also relocated to a “new home” to prevent similar situations in the future. What are your thoughts on this ongoing saga?



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