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Samsung’s UFS 5.0 Enters Roadmap, Set to Launch in 2027

Explore Samsung's roadmap as it gears up for the release of UFS 5.0 by 2027, promising enhanced performance and speed. Learn about the implications for on-device AI and the evolution of storage technology in smartphones at InditechBytes.

In the realm of Universal Flash Storage (UFS) development, Samsung stands out as a frontrunner. Following the introduction of UFS 4.0 in 2022 and its subsequent integration into smartphones released in 2023, Samsung is reportedly turning its attention towards the development of UFS 5.0 in its latest roadmap.

As revealed by renowned leaker Revegnus, UFS 5.0 is slated for release in 2027. However, prior to that, Samsung will also unveil the second generation of UFS 4.0, promising enhanced performance and speed compared to its predecessor. How fast will the next-generation UFS be?

According to Samsung’s roadmap, UFS 5.0 is projected to have a bandwidth exceeding 10GB/s. Meanwhile, the second generation of UFS 4.0 with 4-lane configuration is claimed to surpass the bandwidth limit up to 8GB/s, doubling the speed compared to the 4GB/s of the first generation UFS 4.0 announced in 2022.

Considering the release date of the UFS 4.0 4-lane configuration in 2025, it is highly likely that this storage type will debut with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S25. Introducing faster storage solutions aligns with Samsung’s recent ambition, focusing on on-device AI within the Galaxy S24 Series lineup.

It’s worth noting that aside from requiring an SoC with NPU, on-device AI also heavily relies on swift storage to expedite AI processes and unlock greater potential for AI features in subsequent smartphones.



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