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Copilot Feature Set to Enhance Windows 11 File Explorer

Explore the upcoming integration of Copilot features in Windows 11 File Explorer, promising a seamless user experience and enhanced productivity.

In an upcoming update, Windows 11 File Explorer is poised to receive an upgrade with Copilot features. Although still in testing, this functionality has been glimpsed in screenshots shared by Windows Latest.

According to the information provided, Copilot will appear as an option when users right-click on a file in Windows 11 Build 26080. From there, users can select actions such as “Send to Copilot” or “Summarize.”

The “Send to Copilot” option enables users to inquire or send requests regarding files to Copilot. Meanwhile, the “Summarize” feature allows users to request Copilot to generate a summary in bullet point format.

Copilot’s Ubiquitous Presence

Copilot is a large language model (LLM) based on GPT, which, when integrated with various Microsoft features and products, can perform tasks such as summarizing information, generating text and images, writing and editing code, and more.

Microsoft is committed to incorporating Copilot features across various aspects, particularly in their Windows operating system. Several applications like Edge browser, taskbar, Microsoft 365, Paint, and Photos have already received Copilot features.

Furthermore, Microsoft has collaborated with several PC vendors to introduce Copilot Keys on laptop keyboards, facilitating users’ access to these features.

As Copilot in File Explorer is still in testing mode, it’s currently unavailable to the general user. However, it’s evident that this feature will greatly benefit the Windows PC user experience, making activities smoother on their devices. There’s a likelihood of additional Copilot features being introduced in File Explorer, such as rewriting text, editing images, and more.



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