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Palworld Development Studio Open to Acquisition by Other Companies

Explore the intriguing journey of Palworld's development studio, Pocket Pair, as they navigate success and remain open to acquisition opportunities despite their humble beginnings. What lies ahead for this innovative team? Join us at Inditech Bytes to delve deeper into the world of gaming and technology.

Experience the sensation! There seems to be no better phrase to describe the release of Palworld, which is currently still in the Early Access stage.

Once known and marketed as a game resembling Pokémon with firearms, its unique blend of gameplay concepts has managed to captivate over 25 million PC and Xbox users worldwide.

Their sales figures, even solely from the Steam version, are projected to surpass hundreds of millions of USD, which is undoubtedly fantastic for this Japanese-based developer. However, this success does not prompt the developer, Pocket Pair, to pursue excessively large expansions.

At least, that’s the indication from the latest interview with CEO Takuro Mizobe, as reported by Bloomberg.

The success of Palworld certainly won’t push Pocket Pair to suddenly become a giant in the industry. They aim to remain a small studio, focusing on developing small-scale games rather than AAA titles.

Currently, there are no plans to splurge money on hiring more staff or seeking fancier offices. Interestingly, despite their success, Pocket Pair remains open to partnership and acquisition opportunities. Although they clarify that there are currently no talks similar to Microsoft.

Pocket Pair concludes the interview with a humble statement, expressing their disbelief in replicating Palworld’s success in the future. What are your thoughts? Which company do you think would be suitable to acquire Pocket Pair if they were to be acquired?




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