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xAI Unveils Open Source Status for AI Model “Grok”

Empowering AI Innovation: xAI Unleashes Grok's Potential as Open Source

Elon Musk’s AI company, xAI, has made waves by releasing the source code of its AI model “Grok,” effectively making it open source. With a staggering 314 billion parameters, Grok’s source code is now available on Github.

xAI emphasizes that Grok is not tailored for specific applications. Grok-1 was trained on a stack of “custom” data without specifying its details. The model is licensed under the Apache License 2.0, allowing for commercial use.

This announcement follows Elon Musk’s promise last week to open source Grok. Previously, xAI launched a Grok-based AI chatbot towards the end of last year, accessible only to users on the X Premium+ tier, the highest tier of their subscription packages.

The AI chatbot could access specific data from the X platform’s database. However, the open-source Grok model does not contain any data related to the X social media platform.

This isn’t the first time xAI has made its AI models open source. Other major companies, including Meta, have also open-sourced their models like LLaMa, Mistral, Falcon, and A12.

Google, for example, released two new open-source models named Gemma2B and Gemma 7B back in February. As for OpenAI, several of their models such as Whisper, Jukebox, and Point-E are open source.



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