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Specifications of Meta Quest 3s: A Budget Version of Quest 3

Exploring the Affordable VR Realm: Meta Quest 3s Unveiled

Recently, Meta has been rumored to be developing a VR device priced more affordably than the Quest 3. Initially dubbed as the Quest 3 Lite, it has now been confirmed that this budget-friendly device will be named Quest 3s, with leaked specifications surfacing recently.

The leak regarding the Meta Quest 3s comes from a Reddit user with the username LuffySanKira. They shared screenshots seemingly taken during a virtual Zoom meeting, unveiling several details about the Quest 3s, including its trimmed-down specifications compared to the Quest 3.

From the screenshots, it’s apparent that the Quest 3s will feature a resolution of 1920 x 1832 with 20 PPD (Pixels Per Degree) and internal storage of 256GB. These specifications are lower than the Quest 3, which boasts a resolution of 2208 x 2064 with 25.5 PPD, and significantly larger storage at 512GB.

The overall size of the Quest 3s (left) also appears to be smaller than the Quest 3 (right). However, the most striking difference lies in the front-facing camera sensors. While the Quest 3 has three oval-shaped sensor sections, the Quest 3s features six sections (three on each side).

However, the leak does not reveal further details regarding the number of camera sensors used in the Quest 3s. The Quest 3 itself is equipped with four cameras for visual tracking and two color cameras for stereoscopic 3D mixed reality.

For reference, the Quest 3 is priced at an MSRP of USD 649 for the 512GB storage variant, and undoubtedly, the Quest 3s will be sold at a lower price point upon release. However, as of now, there’s no information available regarding the release date of the Meta Quest 3s.



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