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Seamless Walkie-Talkie Integration Coming to Microsoft Teams for iOS Users

Elevate Team Communication with Microsoft Teams' Walkie-Talkie Integration

Microsoft Teams is gearing up to introduce an enticing new feature for iOS users: Walkie-Talkie functionality. This feature enables instant and secure voice communication, seamlessly integrated with Apple’s Push-to-Talk framework.

Apple’s Push-to-Talk framework has been provided to developers, allowing them to incorporate walkie-talkie features into their applications. With this integration, developers can efficiently implement walkie-talkie functions into their apps, enhancing system control and background operations.

Walkie-Talkie with Microsoft Teams

Users will also be able to communicate using Walkie-Talkie without needing to directly access Microsoft Teams. This integration, marked as ID 388486 on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, signifies Microsoft’s commitment to enhancing the Teams user experience by introducing innovative and practical features.

With this feature, users can communicate more easily and efficiently through the Microsoft Teams platform, fostering more productive and effective team collaboration. The release is scheduled for May 2024 and will be available for both iOS and Android users.

However, it’s worth noting that this update is specific to the GCC (Government Community Cloud) instance of Microsoft. There’s currently no information regarding whether this feature will be available to general users in the future.



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