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Affordable Version of Apple Vision Pro in the Works?

Paving the Way for Affordable AR Experiences: Insights into Apple's Vision Pro Plans

Amidst the high price tag of the Apple Vision Pro, there’s a growing demand for a more affordable version of AR glasses from Apple. And it seems Apple might just heed to this demand.

This information stems from leaks of Apple’s roadmap shared by the leaker Revegnus on the X platform. The roadmap outlines several products slated for release by Apple until 2027.

When Can We Expect the Affordable Vision Pro?

The affordable XR device is likely to be launched by Apple in 2026, coinciding with Apple’s foldable iPhone product. Additionally, Apple is set to continue its XR Glasses venture scheduled for 2027, aiming to deliver XR experiences in a sleeker form factor akin to conventional eyeglasses. In the same year, Apple is also rumored to introduce a foldable iPad product.


However, Apple is reportedly facing challenges in developing their XR products, particularly in the chip department, where Apple’s development team is still grappling with selecting the appropriate chip for AR glasses.

Apple is also addressing concerns regarding the price and weight of the AR headset. Nevertheless, Apple seems poised to prioritize profitability in its product development endeavors. It’s worth noting that this roadmap remains speculative, lacking any official confirmation from Apple regarding the leaked details.

Despite this, Apple has achieved considerable success with its initial product offerings. The Apple Vision Pro is anticipated to reach 800,000 units in sales by the end of this year.



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