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Samsung’s Game Launcher Rebranded as “Gaming Hub”

Elevating Gaming Experience: Samsung's Game Launcher Evolves into Gaming Hub

If you own a Samsung smartphone, you’re probably familiar with Samsung’s application called “Game Launcher,” which serves as a central hub for gaming activities for its users.

Now, the application has been rebranded as “Gaming Hub,” initially introduced as a separate app for integration with other Samsung Display devices.

Samsung has stated that they’ve renamed the “Launcher” to “Gaming Hub” with the caveat that nothing has changed except for the shortcut used to launch the app.

Introduced in 2022, Gaming Hub allows users to connect wireless controllers to the display and access popular game streaming services. Samsung also features “Instant Play,” enabling users to play games without the need for prior download and installation.


With the rebranding, there aren’t many significant changes except that all integrations no longer require a separate app and can now be accessed through Gaming Hub.

Features like Instant Play are currently limited to beta users in Canada and the US but may soon be available globally in the future.



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