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Jensen Huang Envisions AI-Powered Real-Time Game Development in 10 Years!

Into the Future: Jensen Huang's Vision for AI in Gaming

NVIDIA has just unveiled its latest GPU architecture, Blackwell, at the GTC 2024 conference. This new NVIDIA GPU AI architecture boasts performance up to 7 times greater than its predecessor, the NVIDIA H100. Such advancements underscore the rapid pace of AI technology development today.

During a Q&A session with the media, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang also shared his prediction that within the next decade, or even sooner, artificial intelligence (AI) could generate every pixel within games in real-time.

Huang believes that technological advancements generally follow an S-curve pattern, with such forecasts typically materializing in less than ten years, once AI has been practically implemented and refined.

Huang’s Optimism

Even Huang’s prediction is more optimistic than what Bryan Catanzaro, NVIDIA’s VP of Applied Deep Learning Research, suggested. Catanzaro stated that with DLSS 10 technology, games could be entirely created using neural-based AI.

However, Catanzaro emphasized that AI may not immediately construct games automatically from brief descriptions. Instead, DLSS version 10 in the future could evolve into a neural system for rendering, offering more immersive and beautiful results.

Considering the evolution of NVIDIA DLSS, the transition from version 1.0 to 2.0 took one year, followed by version 3.0 released two and a half years later. This clearly demonstrates the accelerating pace of AI development.

So, while the advancement of AI may not be as rapid as Huang suggests, NVIDIA has at least provided insight into AI development in the coming years.

At the GTC 2024 event, NVIDIA also showcased a new NPC AI named Covert Protocol, utilizing the NVIDIA Avatar Cloud Engine (ACE) and Inworld AI technology. The same technology combination was employed in Ubisoft NEO’s NPC demo showcased at GDC 2024.



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