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PlayStation 5 Pro Specs: Launching This Year?

Unlocking Next-Level Gaming: Introducing the PlayStation 5 Pro

In contrast to the first three generations of PlayStation, which saw only slimmer iterations, Sony’s strategy with the PlayStation 4 opened up possibilities for iterations offering enhanced performance. Dubbed the PlayStation 4 Pro at the time, this iteration was aimed at gamers seeking to experience the latest games in better formats, including visual fidelity, resolution, and even framerate.

With the PlayStation 5 now maturing, many gamers are curious whether Sony will pursue a similar strategy. Information is circulating on the internet, not only about the specifications but also about the rumored release of the PlayStation 5 Pro later this year.

The first hints surfaced on YouTube – Moore’s Law is Dead – and were later confirmed by a reputable leaker, Tom Henderson. Reportedly, Sony is gearing up for the PlayStation 5 Pro.

Dev kits have purportedly been distributed to first-party studios since September 2023, and some third-party studios have received them since January 2024. These dev kits are believed to represent the same performance as the final version.


The PlayStation 5 Pro, codenamed “Trinity,” is rumored to feature a physical disc drive that can be removed, alongside numerous technological advancements beyond mere performance boosts. Though specifics are scarce, the PlayStation 5 Pro is said to have the following specifications:

  • Same CPU as the PlayStation 5, but with a High CPU Frequency Mode at 3.85GHz, approximately 10% faster than the standard PlayStation 5.
  • System Memory running at 576 GB/s (18GT/s), 28% faster than the standard PlayStation 5.
  • GPU rendering speed increased by 45%.
  • 2-4x faster Ray-Tracing performance.
  • 33.5 Teraflops.
  • Support for PSSR (PlayStation Spectral Super Resolution Upscaling) – an upscaling/antialiasing solution.
  • Custom machine learning architecture.
  • AI Accelerator – supporting 300 TOPS of 8-bit computation / 67 TFLOPS of 16-bit floating point.
  • Enhanced audio with ACV on the PlayStation 5 Pro running at a higher clock, providing an extra 35% performance.

Tom Henderson, via Insider Gaming, also claims that the PlayStation 5 Pro is slated for release in 2024, specifically during the holiday season. There’s no confirmation yet whether this plan will proceed for Sony, despite the lack of first-party game releases this year. Unfortunately, there’s no information available regarding the pricing. Are you intrigued by the prospect of the PlayStation 5 Pro’s existence?



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