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Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves Set to Release Early 2025

Unleash the Fury: A New Era Dawns in Fatal Fury's City of the Wolves!

After the setbacks of their pachinko business a few years back, SNK’s decision to re-enter the gaming industry stands as one of their finest moves. For gamers, it signals the chance to revisit the legendary SNK franchise that had lain dormant for far too long, with hopes of a small revival.

Among the most elated are the fighting game communities, greeted with more entries in the King of Fighters series. And the excitement doesn’t stop there—SNK isn’t just reviving King of Fighters.

Teased initially with mere glimpses and now confirmed with character introduction trailers and release window announcements, we’re talking about the latest installment—Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves. As a smaller part of the King of Fighters universe, this newest series has confirmed the presence of at least 5 characters: Rock Howard, Terry Bogard, Hotaru Futaba, Tizoc, and Peecha—who seems to be Joe Higashi’s apprentice.

In addition to the anticipated REV system that seems to underpin its mechanics, you’ll also notice a visually appealing cel-shading approach, undeniably sweeter than previous King of Fighters titles.

Scheduled for an early 2025 release on an unspecified platform, Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves will also have a demo showcased at EVO Japan 2024, happening from April 27th to 29th, 2024. What are your thoughts? Intriguing, isn’t it?



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