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X Adds Audio and Video Calling Features

In Elon Musk’s ongoing effort to transform X into an all-in-one “everything app,” the latest addition is the introduction of audio and video calling. The somewhat unpredictable owner of this social media platform recently shared a message, revealing that some users now have access to an early version of this feature.

As of now, audio and video calling is exclusively available for iOS users. Users can initiate calls with individuals listed in their address book, provided that the contacts are linked to their X accounts, and with those they follow on the platform. Additionally, there is an option to limit calls to verified users, who are subscribers paying $8 per month.

Several users, including those with the coveted blue checkmark, commented on the post, mentioning that they have not yet received this feature, even after updating their app. This suggests that the feature is still in the A/B testing phase. Furthermore, there is currently no visible button to initiate calls, indicating that the function is not fully operational; X is merely laying the groundwork.

X Adds Audio and Video Calling Features
X Adds Audio and Video Calling Features

To enable this feature, users should navigate to Settings > Privacy & Safety > Direct Messages > Enable Audio & Video Calling. According to X’s support page, only Premium subscribers will have access to this capability. Elon Musk commented in one user’s thread, referring to the calls as “a beta product, but it is promising.”

The introduction of audio and video calls on X, previously known as Twitter, is an attempt to encourage users to move away from Meta’s services, such as Facebook Messenger, Instagram Direct, or WhatsApp. Considering the availability of numerous other messaging platforms offering audio and video calls, X’s attempt to establish itself in this competitive market will likely prove to be a challenging endeavor.



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