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Sora: OpenAI’s Groundbreaking Generative AI Set to Launch Later This Year

Discover Sora, OpenAI's groundbreaking generative AI set to revolutionize video creation. Learn about its imminent release and the potential it holds for the future of AI-generated content.

A short while ago, OpenAI unveiled its latest generative AI model dubbed “Sora,” causing quite a stir across the digital realm. As an AI-based video generator, Sora showcases an unprecedented ability to produce remarkably lifelike videos, surpassing existing AI video generators by a significant margin. The good news is that we may not have to wait long to experience Sora firsthand.

Initially announced with a viral video demo, OpenAI refrained from disclosing a specific release date for Sora to the public. It was mentioned that this generative AI model is undergoing thorough testing by experts, evaluating potential risks before its official launch to the wider audience.

Though no precise timeline has been provided, OpenAI’s Chief Technology Officer, Mira Murati, hinted in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that Sora is slated for release “in the coming months.” From this statement, it can be inferred that Sora might see the light of day by the second quarter of 2024, possibly by the year’s end.

Indeed, this confirmation alleviates the anticipation of waiting for years to witness such a powerful AI tool in action. According to Murati, operating costs for Sora are considerably higher compared to other AI models. Nonetheless, OpenAI aims to make it accessible at a “similar cost” to Dall-E, its AI image generator counterpart.

Sora: OpenAI's Groundbreaking Generative AI Set to Launch Later This Year

Following the model of Dall-E, it’s likely that Sora will also have a free version with certain limitations, while a premium version will cater to users seeking enhanced features and maximum performance. Sora’s capabilities extend beyond generating realistic videos from text prompts; it can also create videos from images, perform video editing tasks, and even extend videos by filling or adding frames.



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