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Pixel Watch App to Notify Users When Watch Battery is Full

The second-generation Google Pixel Watch has brought significant improvements, yet some expected software features are still missing. Despite the debut of the Pixel Watch 2 alongside the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, Google has overlooked a crucial notification feature informing users when their Pixel Watch has reached a full charge.

The absence of a notification regarding the Watch reaching 100% may result in unnecessary prolonged charging sessions, even though the device charges in under an hour. To address this, Google is presently developing a notification feature, aiming to provide users with timely information to prevent overcharging.

Pixel Watch App to Notify Users When Watch Battery is Full

According to reports from 9to5Google, the latest update to the Pixel Watch app suggests the inclusion of a new notification feature. This feature is expected to generate a notification on the status bar once the Pixel Watch completes its charging cycle. Notably, testers have successfully verified the functionality, with the notification appearing promptly upon the Smartwatch reaching a full charge.

As of now, the notification feature is in the internal testing phase and cannot be activated by users. However, it is anticipated to be made publicly available in the coming weeks, possibly through the next Watch App update. The functionality is already proven effective, indicating a seamless integration once it becomes accessible to users.

Stay tuned for further updates, and ensure you have the latest app version to take advantage of this upcoming Pixel Watch feature.



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