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Original Apple Watch Lineup Officially Classified as Obsolete

Apple has officially deemed its first-generation Apple Watch, including the Hermes and $17,000 18-karat gold Watch Edition models, as obsolete, as reported by MacRumors based on Apple’s latest obsolete product list. This designation means that the “Series 0” Watch models, which were initially introduced in 2015, are no longer eligible for hardware servicing, and service providers are unable to order replacement parts.

In addition to the obsolete category, Apple maintains a “vintage” list for products that ceased distribution more than five years ago but less than seven years ago. On the current public-facing list (which is likely to be updated soon), the Series 2 Watch is listed, implying that it will soon be classified as obsolete as well.

This development may reignite discussions about “planned obsolescence.” According to Apple’s obsolete and vintage product policy, the company is obligated to provide parts for a product for only five years after its last distribution.

In France, legal regulations extend this period to seven years for iPhone and Mac laptops. Such discussions have prompted changes in the past, including alterations to device repairability, and a new EU law that compelled Apple to transition its charging/data port from Lightning to USB-C.

The Watch Edition has always been an intriguing case since its inception. Traditional watches often appreciate in value significantly over time because they continue to fulfill their timekeeping function for many years.

However, the Watch Edition, despite its price tag of over $10,000, was destined to become obsolete from the outset. If you happen to own one (feel free to share in the comments below) and its battery hasn’t already drained, this announcement could serve as the final reminder that it’s time to bid farewell.



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