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OnePlus to Showcase World’s Brightest OLED Screen

OnePlus and BOE have made an exciting joint announcement, revealing their plans to unveil a groundbreaking display on October 24, 2023,

OnePlus and BOE have made an exciting joint announcement, revealing their plans to unveil a groundbreaking display on October 24, 2023, during an event in Chongqing, China. This display, which is likely designed for mobile devices, marks a significant collaboration between the two companies. The official announcement came via both brands on Weibo, where OnePlus shared, “SunriseĀ·East! In 30 years, we have gone from lagging behind to catching up to surpassing. On October 24, OnePlus joins hands with BOE to invite you to witness a historic moment for Chinese screens!”

Although specific details about the upcoming display have not been disclosed by OnePlus or BOE, a well-known tipster, Digital Chat Station, suggests that this innovative screen will feature a “2K” resolution and a remarkable brightness of 3,000 nits. The leak also anticipates that BOE will introduce yet another display with 3,000 nits brightness and a “1.5K” resolution. According to Digital Chat Station, both displays will support 2,160Hz PWM dimming and “single pulse DC” technology.

OnePlus Holds the Title for the Brightest Display

Just yesterday, OnePlus introduced its inaugural foldable smartphone, the OnePlus Open. This device boasts a book-like foldable design reminiscent of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5. Notably, OnePlus Open’s outer and inner (foldable) displays offer an impressive peak brightness of 2,800 nits, a feature that has already generated substantial attention as no other mobile display currently on the market achieves such exceptional brightness levels. If the leak from Digital Chat Station proves accurate, OnePlus and BOE are poised to set a new record with their forthcoming display.

Rumors suggest that this remarkable display from OnePlus and BOE will find its way to the OnePlus 12, which is expected to debut in the coming months. In contrast, the Galaxy S24, as per available leaks, is expected to feature a display with a peak brightness of 2,400 nits. This implies that the OnePlus 12’s display will outshine that of the Galaxy S24.

Author’s Note: While the specifications on paper indicate that the OnePlus Open’s displays offer higher peak and maximum brightness compared to the screens on the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5, real-world testing by GSMArena reveals that the OnePlus Open’s foldable display is not as bright as the Galaxy Z Fold 5 in practice (1,238 nits vs. 1,216 nits). Therefore, even if OnePlus and BOE launch a display with a 3,000-nit peak brightness on paper, real-world performance may differ.



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