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OnePlus Open’s Indian Price and Sale Date Revealed

OnePlus has officially confirmed the announcement date for its first foldable device, which is set for October 19. Leaksters have already revealed the design and specifications of the OnePlus Open, leaving little to the imagination, except for its pricing.

Today’s report focuses on the Indian launch, with Abhishek Yadav suggesting that the device will be available starting October 27, priced at INR 139,999, which translates to approximately $1,680. While this price may seem steep, it’s not entirely surprising, considering that foldable phones still command a premium.

The reported price for India doesn’t appear significantly different from the leaked European price revealed a few days ago. A source from Germany mentioned a European launch price of $1,699 with only two color options: faux leather black and glass back green. However, the Indian source indicates that the device will be available in green and gold, possibly offering an additional color choice for Indian users. Although black is a popular choice globally, it’s unlikely to be omitted from the Indian selection.




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