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OnePlus Open’s excellent ‘Open Canvas’ multitasking is coming to OnePlus Pad

Multitasking on Android has always been pretty useful, but attempts to move beyond two apps at once have often proved a bit clunky. With the OnePlus Open, the “Open Canvas” multitasking system was launched with a truly powerful way to use multiple apps at once, and now that’s coming to the OnePlus Pad.

The “Open Canvas” approach to multitasking differs from Android’s conventional method. Instead of merely splitting the screen space, this system allows apps to expand just off the screen. For instance, if you have a web browser and a messaging app open, they can both be in fullscreen mode but can be easily accessed by moving them back and forth as needed. You can also have two apps split the screen, with a third app in fullscreen mode just a swipe or tap away.

It’s a unique and highly effective concept, as we mentioned in our initial hands-on experience with the OnePlus Open:

“You can place two apps side by side and then add a third that remains just off the screen. Tapping the edge of the app brings it back into view, either to place it side-by-side with another app or to occupy the entire display. In practice, ‘Open Canvas’ on the OnePlus Open provides the most fluid and useful multitasking experience we’ve encountered on a smartphone or tablet. It’s truly that impressive.”

For a better understanding, you can watch the quick demo below because it’s challenging to explain the system in words.

Moving on to the latest news, OnePlus has officially announced that Open Canvas will be introduced to the OnePlus Pad.

During an AMA on Reddit, OnePlus confirmed that they are “working on” bringing Open Canvas to the OnePlus Pad. However, there is no specific timeline provided for when this will happen. This confirmation was first spotted by OnePlus tipster @1NormalUsername.

This is undoubtedly great news, as this multitasking system would be even more valuable on the larger screen of the OnePlus Pad, enhancing the otherwise limited multitasking software on the tablet.”



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