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OnePlus 12’s Worldwide Debut Expected in India on January 23

"Unveiling Tomorrow's Tech Today: OnePlus 12 Series Global Launch Set for January 23 in India!"

While OnePlus is set to introduce the OnePlus 12 in China on December 5, the global launch date for this flagship remains undisclosed. Although the brand initiated the promotional campaign for the OnePlus 12 in international markets, hinting at a possible global launch on January 24, recent information from tipster Max Jambor suggests that the “OnePlus 12 series will be unveiled globally on January 23rd in India!”

The use of the term “series” implies the introduction of multiple smartphones. While the design of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3-powered OnePlus 12 has been disclosed by OnePlus, details about any additional phone(s) set to be revealed remain undisclosed.

As the Chinese event approaches in less than a week, anticipation builds to learn more about the OnePlus 12 and potentially other smartphones that will be unveiled.



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