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Meta Enhances Quest Avatars for Greater Inclusivity

Meta’s latest software update, version 57, for its Quest headsets has introduced a range of enhancements aimed at offering users a more personalized and inclusive virtual reality experience.

One of the standout features of this update is the enhanced customization options for Quest avatars. Users now have the ability to create avatars that better reflect their true selves. For example, when selecting hair and eyebrow colors, users can fine-tune their choices using a slider, allowing for precise adjustments to the depth of the selected colors. This means that users can now more accurately select their avatar’s skin tone and even apply makeup and face paint with their preferred colors.

Another significant addition in update v57 is the ability to unsend image messages within the virtual reality environment and the Meta Quest mobile app. When interacting with an image in VR or within the app, users will find an option to “Unsend a message.” Opting for this feature will trigger a notification to both parties, ensuring transparency. Initially, this feature is available in select countries, including Australia, Canada, Iceland, New Zealand, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, and the United States.

Furthermore, Meta is revamping the Explore feed within VR and introducing the “Horizon Feed.” While the interface may look different, it still delivers content tailored to users’ interests, ensuring age-appropriate content recommendations.

Lastly, update v57 brings the freedom of movement to the forefront with the introduction of free-form locomotion. Users are no longer confined to predetermined locations within their virtual Home space and can now teleport freely within the environment. However, it’s important to note that movement through solid objects like walls and furniture remains restricted, but this update allows for a more immersive exploration of the virtual surroundings.

With these exciting new features, Meta is enhancing the Quest experience, providing users with greater control over their avatars and improving their overall virtual reality interactions.



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