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MediaTek Offers Discount on SoCs to Samsung: A Strategic Move

In the competitive landscape of Android smartphone System-on-Chip (SoC) manufacturers, Qualcomm and MediaTek stand out. These companies consistently introduce cutting-edge SoC products, vying for dominance across various market segments.

In a bid to capture the attention of Android smartphone manufacturers, particularly Samsung, MediaTek has reportedly made an enticing offer. MediaTek is extending a special discount to Samsung for the adoption of its SoCs in mid-range to budget smartphones. This news comes from leaks shared by Revegnus via the X platform.

Why MediaTek is Offering Discounts to Samsung

It’s understandable why MediaTek is offering discounts to Samsung, considering Samsung’s current dominance in the Android smartphone market. However, why is MediaTek specifically targeting mid-range to budget segments?

It seems MediaTek is aware that Samsung currently has two options for their flagship smartphones. Firstly, Samsung can utilize their in-house Exynos chipset, and secondly, they can opt for Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8 series. Furthermore, Samsung and Qualcomm have a long-standing partnership for future Samsung products.

Nevertheless, there’s potential for MediaTek to offer their flagship SoC series as a third option. If offered at a more affordable price point, akin to their strategy for mid-range to budget SoCs, Samsung might consider adopting MediaTek’s flagship SoCs.

For instance, this could be targeted towards their premium mid-range segment like the Galaxy S Fe Series and Galaxy A7 series. Alternatively, it could be considered for Samsung’s flagship series, albeit likely after the Qualcomm-Samsung partnership concludes, possibly in the year 2025.



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