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Lies of P: Dark Twist RPG Hits 7 Million Players

Dive into the dark and intriguing world of Lies of P, an action RPG with a unique twist on the classic tale, boasting 7 million players across platforms. Explore its mysteries and join the community today!

Crafting an action RPG game with a Souls-like flavor is no easy feat. Not only due to the abundance of similar products flooding the market with their unique features but also because of the potential lack of interest stemming from its high difficulty level.

In the midst of such a situation, Neowiz has managed something fantastic with its dark and cool twist on Pinocchio’s tale – Lies of P. The quality it offers has continuously attracted more players, reaching a staggering 7 million across various platforms.

Available on multiple platforms and released on the first day for Xbox’s Game Pass service, Lies of P’s popularity continues to soar. Neowiz proudly announced that at this point, Lies of P has crossed the 7 million player mark across platforms, closing with a heartfelt thank you.

There’s no further information on which platform it’s played the most. This figure itself has the potential to increase in the future after the confirmation of DLC releases, although details are scarce at the moment.

Neowiz has also hinted at a sequel series for Lies of P, yet unfortunately, they haven’t shared much information at this time. How about you? Are you one among the 7 million players?



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