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Introducing Microsoft’s Exclusive Xbox Mastercard: Unlock Game Discounts Beyond Cash Back

In an exciting development, Microsoft has unveiled a brand-new Xbox Mastercard today. This innovative card offers cardholders the opportunity to accrue points with every purchase, which can later be redeemed for exciting games available in the Microsoft Store. Initially, this card will be exclusively available to members of the Xbox Insider Program in the United States starting on September 21. However, it will be accessible to all Xbox users based in the US next year.

Created through a strategic partnership between Microsoft and Barclays, it’s no surprise that this card is geared towards enhancing your Xbox experience. With the Xbox Mastercard, users will earn one reward point for every dollar spent on their day-to-day purchases. What makes it even more enticing is that this incentive increases to five points for every dollar spent at the Microsoft Store.

Furthermore, cardholders can earn three points for each dollar spent on select streaming services (including Netflix and Disney+) and dining platforms (such as Grubhub and DoorDash). Each of these reward points is equivalent to a penny and can be redeemed for Xbox games and add-ons. For instance, if you spend $1,000 on standard purchases using this card, you will earn $10 worth of points to enjoy new games.

The Xbox Mastercard offers a touch of personalization with five distinctive designs to choose from, and you even have the option to customize it with your Xbox Gamertag. Microsoft assures users that it will seamlessly integrate with contactless payments and digital wallets, making transactions more convenient. As an added bonus, cardholders will have complimentary access to their FICO credit score. Regarding the card’s terms and conditions, the APR can vary between 20.99%, 26.99%, or 31.99%, depending on the results of your credit evaluation.

Microsoft is sweetening the deal for those who sign up and use this card. New cardholders can look forward to a generous bonus of 5,000 card points, equivalent to a $50 value, after making their first purchase. Additionally, members will enjoy a complimentary three-month subscription to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate after using the Mastercard for the first time. What’s even more exciting is that this subscription can be transferred to a friend if you’re already a subscriber.

Exciting times lie ahead for Xbox enthusiasts as they embrace the benefits of Microsoft’s exclusive Xbox Mastercard. Unlock a world of game discounts and rewards that go beyond traditional cash back offers.”



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