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Honor Initiates Closed Beta Testing for MagicOS 8.0 Based on Android 14

"Embark on the Future: Honor's MagicOS 8.0 Beta Testing Unveils the Next Android 14 Experience!"

While Samsung advances with its stable One UI 6 update on numerous devices using Android 14, other manufacturers are just commencing their closed beta trials. Honor, for instance, has begun beta testing for its Magic4 and Magic5 series, allowing users to experience the upcoming MagicOS 8.0 based on Android 14.

As of today, interested participants can register for the closed beta in China, and the registration window will remain open until December 14. Honor has allocated 3,000 slots for the Magic4 series and another 3,000 for the Magic5 series.

Interestingly, Honor has initiated the closed beta recruitment without disclosing specific new features for MagicOS 8.0. Participants signing up are essentially entering without prior knowledge of the upcoming enhancements. It is hoped that an open beta will follow soon, along with a stable Android 14 update for at least the Magic4 and Magic5 series. We’ll provide further updates as the situation develops.



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