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Hogwarts Legacy Emerges as the Best-Selling Game Worldwide in 2023!

For quite some time, it has been a widely acknowledged secret that Potterheads – the avid fans of Harry Potter – have been longing for a AAA game that can immerse them into their beloved wizarding world with the quality it deserves.

Throughout the years, aside from older adaptation games, only the LEGO series managed to somewhat satisfy this thirst. So, when Hogwarts Legacy was introduced, albeit with some skepticism regarding whether it would live up to the hype of its trailers, anticipation soared. And that anticipation translated exceptionally well into sales figures.

Originally just hinted at by market research data, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, through its president David Haddad, has now officially confirmed that Hogwarts Legacy was indeed the best-selling game worldwide for the entirety of 2023, having sold a staggering 22 million copies.

Hogwarts Legacy

This figure surpasses The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom by approximately 1.7 million copies. It’s worth noting that this count includes both digital and physical sales. However, it’s essential to recognize that Zelda is an exclusive title, competing against Hogwarts Legacy, which is available across multiple platforms, marking a significant achievement in itself.

Warner Bros. has already reaffirmed their commitment and eagerness to further explore the Harry Potter universe in the future. What about you? Are you among the gamers who contributed to making Hogwarts Legacy such a massive success?



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