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Google’s September Pixel Update Continues with Android 13

Google has recently rolled out its latest monthly update for Pixel devices that are still within its support cycle, starting from the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 onwards. Interestingly, this update maintains the Android 13 version, which suggests that the official stable release of Android 14, rumored to be delayed until next month, might indeed be accurate.

Initially, based on Google’s timeline during the beta testing phase of the upcoming OS version, many expected the final release of Android 14 to be in August. However, in August, the company unexpectedly introduced an additional beta phase, followed by a couple of bug-fixing releases. Consequently, here we are in mid-September, and the official release is yet to go live.

It’s possible that Google has opted to postpone the release until early October, which coincides with the official announcement of new devices.

The latest update, arriving today, is identified as build TQ3A.230901.001 for most devices. However, some regional and carrier-specific variants may have a one-letter plus one-number suffix appended to this identifier. Unlike the feature-rich ‘feature drops’ that Google releases every three months with new functionalities, this update primarily focuses on bug fixes and security enhancements.

As is customary with Google’s releases, it may take several days, if not longer, for all supported devices to receive the update notification in the wild.



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