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Google Store’s Trade-In Values for Pixel 7 Series Plunge Amid Pixel 8 Series Launch

Google appears to be imposing penalties on Pixel 7 series owners who didn’t pre-order the Pixel 8 series. If you are a Pixel 7 or 7 Pro user considering upgrading to a Pixel 8 series phone now, you might be in for an unpleasant surprise. Google has significantly reduced the trade-in values for its 2022 flagship devices compared to what was offered during the Pixel 8 pre-order period.

If Google’s initial trade-in program for the Pixel 8 series was already disappointing, the latest adjustments are even more disheartening (via DroidLife). During the release of the new 2023 Pixels, Google was providing a $420 credit for the 128GB Pixel 7 Pro, which had an initial price of $899, and a $325 credit for the 128GB Pixel 7, originally priced at $599.

However, the current trade-in values from Google tell a different story. Now, Google is only offering a meager $274 for the 128GB Pixel 7 Pro trade-in and just $200 for the standard Pixel 7 with the same storage capacity.

If you possess a 256GB Pixel 7 Pro model, you can receive a $299 credit, while the 512GB model is valued at $325. Meanwhile, the 256GB Pixel 7 model tops out at $225 in trade-in credits. Interestingly, you could obtain better value by trading in a two-year-old 128GB iPhone 13 or a 256GB iPhone 11 from 2019!

Not only has Google substantially reduced the trade-in values for the Pixel 7 series, but it has also revoked the offer of a free Pixel Watch 2 for purchasers of a Pixel 8 series phone. This means that Google has dealt a double blow to its loyal Pixel 7 customers.



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