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Fitbit Teases Potential Announcement Date for Fitbit Charge 6

Earlier today, Fitbit unveiled a refreshed design for its Fitbit app, but that’s not the only news coming from the company. It appears that Fitbit is hinting at an upcoming announcement for a new device, possibly the Fitbit Charge 6, set to take place next week.

Fitbit, through its X (formerly Twitter) account, posted a brief six-second video. In this video, we see a man smiling at the camera and swiftly moving his arms from left to right before the camera cuts off. Subsequently, a black screen displays the date: September 28, 2023.

This social media post clearly suggests an imminent announcement, but the question remains: What is Fitbit preparing to reveal? On closer examination, if you scrutinize each frame of the video, you’ll notice that the man is wearing a wrist-worn wearable device. Although not explicitly clear, considering various factors like the bands and display, the device bears a striking resemblance to the Fitbit Charge 5.

An earlier leak indicated that the Charge 6 would closely resemble the Charge 5. Given this information, it’s reasonable to assume that the date featured in the video signifies an upcoming announcement for the Fitbit Charge 6.

In 2022, Fitbit did not release the Charge 6 alongside the Sense 2, Versa 4, and Inspire 3. However, this isn’t a departure from their strategy, as the previous Versa model also had a gap year before its 2022 release.

The recent lineup of Fitbit devices didn’t see a significant price change from the previous generation. If Fitbit follows the same pattern with the Fitbit Charge 6, consumers can expect it to be priced at approximately $179.



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