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Chromecast with Google TV Now Supports Streaming PS5 Games via PS Remote Play

PlayStation is introducing a series of updates for the PS5 and the PS App, expanding their functionality to various Android devices, including Chromecast.

PlayStation has recently unveiled an upcoming software update set to be rolled out globally for PS5 consoles. This update is poised to introduce several enhancements, including improved accessibility features, expanded audio options, customizable multiplayer sessions, and compatibility with larger SSDs. Beta testers have likely had the opportunity to explore these features already. Additionally, the blog post hints at upcoming changes for Android devices.

As of today, PS Remote Play is accessible on devices that run Android TV OS 12 or newer. While this initially applies to Android TV and Google TV, Sony has currently listed only two compatible devices:

It’s worth noting the phrase “so far” in the announcement, which suggests that more Android devices may receive support in the future. It’s also important to highlight that the Chromecast with Google TV (HD) runs on Android TV OS 12, which implies that PS Remote Play should theoretically be compatible with the HD model as well.

For those unfamiliar with PS Remote Play, it is an application that enables users to remotely play PlayStation games on various devices such as computers and smartphones. It’s not a true cloud gaming solution, as you still require your PS5 to stream the game content to your chosen device.

Moreover, the PS App for Android and iOS is set to receive additional features in the coming weeks. Users will soon have the ability to react to messages using emojis and preview someone’s Share Screen before joining a party on the app.

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