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Beyond Job Hunting: LinkedIn Unveils Gaming Features

Level Up Your Professional Network: Explore LinkedIn's New Gaming Features!

LinkedIn, renowned as a professional networking platform and job search engine, is now expanding its horizons with the introduction of gaming features within its application.

According to reports from Techcrunch, LinkedIn is gearing up to launch casual gaming features that are easy to play. The new games, titled Queens, Inference, and Crossclimb, are currently in development.

A spokesperson for LinkedIn has confirmed the upcoming gaming features, stating that these casual games are designed to enhance user enjoyment within the app.

“We are experimenting with the addition of puzzle-based games to the LinkedIn experience to inject a bit of fun, deepen connections, and hopefully spark opportunities for conversation,” said a LinkedIn spokesperson, as quoted by Techcrunch on Sunday (March 17, 2024).

However, LinkedIn’s spokesperson did not provide information regarding the official launch date. They also declined to comment on whether Microsoft, the owner of LinkedIn, is involved in the gaming feature project.

Microsoft, not only known for its technological innovations but also its gaming ventures, boasts a gaming business portfolio that includes Xbox, Activision Blizzard, and ZeniMax.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s gaming business has recently surpassed the revenue generated by its Windows products for the first time in history.



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