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Apple Vision Pro Now Accessible

Explore the Future with Apple Vision Pro - A Visionary Blend of Innovation and Immersion.

Apple’s Vision Pro headset has officially hit the market after successfully concluding its pre-order phase. It offers three storage options: 256GB, 512GB, and 1TB, with prices starting at $3,499. The 512GB and 1TB models are available for $3,699 and $3,899, respectively. Note that these prices exclude optical inserts for users requiring prescription glasses, but we’ll delve into that aspect shortly.

To gain a firsthand experience, you can now book a demonstration session at any Apple store through this link. This allows you to familiarize yourself with the product before making a substantial investment.

Acquiring the Vision Pro headset isn’t just a transaction; it’s an immersive experience. The initial step involves measuring your head using your iPhone. Leveraging the Face ID ToF scanner, you’re prompted to rotate the phone around your head for precise measurements, determining the Light Seal and headband size crucial for a snug and comfortable fit while wearing the headset.

The next step involves deciding whether you use glasses for reading or prescription glasses during the day. Zeiss provides the optical inserts in two variations – for readers and prescription use. The former incurs an additional $99 on top of the standard price, while the latter comes with a supplementary cost of $149.

Apple has announced the availability of over 600 apps for the Vision Pro, including Arcade games. Additionally, third-party games compatible with VR headsets can be played, provided they can run on Mac using the Virtual Display feature.



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