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10 Countries Newly Granted Access to YouTube Premium

Unlocking YouTube Premium: 10 New Countries Enter the Ad-Free Realm

YouTube has emerged as a pivotal component of digital technology advancement, providing a video platform over the past decade. However, one prevalent concern among users has been the occasional disruption caused by advertisements.

In response, YouTube introduced a subscription-based service called YouTube Premium, offering users an ad-free viewing experience along with additional features such as offline video downloads and background playback.

Despite YouTube Premium’s widespread popularity in many countries, there remain several nations without full access to this service. This limitation poses a challenge for users in these countries who seek uninterrupted YouTube content consumption.

Recently, YouTube announced that 10 countries have gained full access to the YouTube Premium service. These countries include Azerbaijan, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Libya, Morocco, RĂ©union, Tanzania, Uganda, Yemen, and Zimbabwe.

With the Premium service, users not only enjoy ad-free video content but also gain exclusive access to YouTube Music, a music streaming platform boasting a catalog of over 100 million songs.

Users can download these songs for offline listening, enhancing their music listening experience anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, Google has introduced bundled services of Google One in these countries, excluding Libya and RĂ©union, which have yet to gain access.

Students in these countries can benefit from the YouTube Student Membership offer, granting them Premium at a discounted rate. To avail of this discount, student verification through SheerID is required.



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